Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wedding Words

Friday night I was throughly exhausted and enjoying some relaxing time alone on the computer. I was waiting for Lil' Miss to fall asleep, as she had had a very long and busy day and knew she should drop before too long.

So then she came in and asked me to tell her all the words for getting married, and I told her she should try it herself first, especially since I was really tired and not in the mood for dictation. She crawled up on my bed and began to write. I laid down beside her resting my eyes as she finished the vows for her Barbie dolls Annaliesse and Dominick. When she was done she read them to me before she closed her eyes and fell right to sleep.

I was quite impressed so I decided to share with y'all her "wedding words" as she wrote them, punctuation, spelling and capitalization as well.

"We are gatherd Here Today For true Love, if you Have a ring give it to who you are giveing it to Prinsess aniles do you take King dominick to Be your Wedded Husbund? _____ King dominick do you take Prinssess aniles to be your Wedded Wife _____ if anyone thinks these two should not be Married speak NOW you may kiss the bride."


Blogger Webmiztris said...

cute! and pretty close too! i like, "if you have a ring, give it to the person you are giving it to..." ;)

Tue Oct 25, 09:33:00 AM PDT  

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